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Cool Career: nursing, psychiatric, and home health aides

Doctors often diagnose and prescribe treatments for sick, injured or otherwise disabled patients, but the daily, nitty-gritty care often falls to health care support staff, like nursing, psychiatric and home health aides. In fact, it is often these care providers that patients get to know and trust the most, especially when in a long-term care facility like a nursing home. Here is a glimpse at what these important professionals do — and what it’s like to be one of them:

Colleges Providing Tech Programs

Savvy students entering college these days know that arriving prepared can go a long way toward helping ensure a higher-ed experience is a successful one − or at least that it may be the launching for a good start. One essential component of that student survival toolkit may be a laptop, something no college student should be without. But what about those students for whom simply attending college represents the culmination of both their and their families’ highest hopes, for whom a laptop represents a nonessential luxury? Are those obviously bright, motivated students looking at failure because they can’t afford the necessary technological school supplies? The following colleges are working to ensure that if students end up making an early departure, it isn’t because they didn’t have the proper supplies.

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